Established under the frame of Mersin CCI Service Building located at Çankaya District Atatürk Street in cooperation with Mersin CCI and Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone within the Supporting Attraction Centres Program of Ministry of Industry and Technology, Mersin Industrial Design and SME Consultancy Centre was established for the following purposes:

Design and develop new products and/or upgrading the needs of existing products for SMEs.

Contribute to development of high quality, innovative and creative human resources demanded by the SMEs.

Contribute to awareness raising on product design, production methods and marketing processes of the SMEs.

Promote the development of new enterprises based on innovation by improving the innovation perception and culture in Mersin region.

Support the cooperation ecosystem by increasing the interaction between different stakeholders (SMEs, start-ups, larger enterprises, mentors, consultants, investors, NGOs and private sector institutions etc.)

Contribute to corporate capacity resulting in value chain benefits and/or commercial growth, operational effectiveness by providing various infrastructure and services (training, seminar, mentorship, consultancy, B2B and B2C etc.)

Transform Mersin province into an innovation base especially in main sectors such as metal, machinery, agriculture, food, chemistry, logistics, textile and ready-to-wear.

Accelerate the investment environment in Mersin province by providing investment support and guidance services.

Contribute to the total existing international markets, customer numbers and export volumes of the SMEs with its export assistance office.

Contribute to the creation of Mersin business angels network for realization of the innovative projects of the individuals with innovative ideas and provide active operation of the network.

Contribute to the increase of the number of Vocational Qualification Certificate in the region with the personnel examination and certification in various vocational areas.